Lighting, Power & Motion for the Film & Video Industry


The ARRI M18 is the brightest HMI you can plug into the wall.  This lensless, open face fixture combines the desired light distribution from the optics of a Par and a Fresnel.  The unique ARRIMAX reflector design creates diverging rays to produce a crisp shadow.  

Two (2) ARRI True Blue D12

The ARRI D12 builds on the success of the industry standard ARRI Compact Fresnels with over 30 new improvements.  

LitePanels LED 1x Bi-Color Kit

Dial in Tungsten, Daylight, or a mixture of the two.  Fully dimmable & drawing only 40 watts of power.  The Lite Panels Kit has two (2) fixtures, AC or battery operated w/charger, & a set of barndoors for each fixture.  

Two (2) Nila LED Boxers - 5800k

These Daylight balanced LEDs rival an 800w & even a 1.2 HMI Fresnel while drawing an incredibly low 250 watts at full output & almost zero heat.  No blown circuits & hot interview rooms with the Nila Boxer.  AC powered & fully dimmable with instant “on” cold start.  Each fixture stores in its own pelican case with slide in plasticized diff & warming filters.

Four (4) Flolight 1x LEDs

These fixtures are similar to the LitePanels, but are “one color” as we have two (2) each of tungsten & daylight balance.  The Flolight has 1,024 LED bulbs & are much brighter than LitePanels.  AC or battery operated & fully dimmable.  Each individual softbag kit also has a set of barndoors & a charger.

Two (2) Full Kino Kits

With this addition we now have a total of four (4) full Kino kits in our arsenal of fluorescent lighting.  Unique to Light Force, our kits have replaced the 2x4 Kino with two (2) 4’ Single Tubes, as shown on left, eliminating the “tweener” 2x4 & allowing you four (4) fixtures per kit rather than just three (3).  We also have three (3) “soft bag” kits, shown on right, with each having one fixture - 4x4 or 2x4.  This saves your back from lifting the Kino “coffin”.  Also eliminates the need for a van as you can fit these soft bags in a car. 

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